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Electric Mobility, Mechatronics, Connectivity, Driver Assistance, Motor control, Infotainment – today everything relies today on Electronic Components and Systems.

This makes SIA CESA the most important conference for Automotive Electronics in France and  Europe, gathering as it does, the Executives, Experts and Trend Setters from all regions of the globe.

More than ever the Electronic (in particular Consumer Electronics) and the Automotive industries must work cooperatively to face strategic challenges and better prepare for our future. Together we must design and develop optimum package integrations, create mechatronic technologies which are reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions for connectivity, combine Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Big Data management including transfer and processing.

SIA CESA is organized by the SIA (Association of French Automotive Engineers) with the support of the PFA (the sole Platform to represent the whole Fench Automotive Industry), working in close with the French Electronics industry. This deliberate industrial strategy underlines the strength of cooperation and convergence required of both over multiple years.

SIA CESA will take place on January 28th, 2021 in Paris, an importante date and venue after the two major storms our organizations and industries have had to surmount since 2018: a shortage of passive components in 2018 and in 2019, then more recently the globally disruptive COVID-19 pandemic.

SIA CESA will therefore be your unique opportunity to hear the best  presenters and trend setters and to share and exchange with your peers as to know we can take our first steps into the challenges of our post-coronavirus Electronic world.

Keynote Speakers will open and close the seminar presenting their visions on:

Market recovery: threats and opportunities from the eco-transition,
Electronics in the new automotive industry: cooperation, innovation and competitiveness,
R&D/Industrial technologies and processes: agility and competences,
Challenges in all fields of the Electronic Industry in future Automotive Mobility solutions.
Trend setters of the different domains will present key challenges for the future:

View on Electronics:Electronics and vehicle Electrical and electronics architectures, what trends?
Electronic and supply-chain as seen by OEMs.
Automation and connectivity for new services and mobility:ADAS trends, what in China?
Artificial Intelligence, Connectivity, Cloud and Big data,
Embedded functional safety in electronic Smart components.
Electrical Vehicles and Power Electronics:Power Electronics and mechatronics: Package integration and efficiency: how can Europe lead the game?
Electronics and e-mobility,
Embedding the Electric Vehicle in the Smart Energy Grid,
Charging infrastructures.
Breaks in the Exhibition Hall will give you the opportunity of networking and discovering technologies, thus enhancing your understanding of Electronics eco-system in automotive industry.

This Symposium is organized by a team of experts widely recognized by the domain and highly honored by the presence of trend setters from  French OEMs, global  suppliers, Academics and Institutes such as VEDECOM.

A look back on the 2018 edition